Asylum seekers, German Interior Ministry says the number is still growing


The German Interior Ministry has publicized the number of Albanian asylum seekers during the month of May.

According to the data, the number of Albanians who asked for asylum in Germany in the month of May is four thousand nine hundred and ninety two, while in April, the number was four thousand seven hundred and ninety four,… and in march, three thousand and twenty.

The number of asylum requests in May increased by over 50% since the previous month.

According to the German interior ministry, the reasons the Albanians want to leave their own country are poverty and unemployment.

The problem is ongoing, despite the efforts of the government to stop it, by making many public announcements and adding checks at the border points. The government has also called the citizens not to leave their country… because they will be deported back to Albania, as the German laws do not accept asylum requests from Albanians. Germany considers Albania to be a free and safe country, and they do not offer political or economic asylum to Albanians.

The German ambassador to our country, Mr. Hoffman, has publicly declared several times over that Albania is not on the list of problematic countries, and for this reason, the Albanians are not given asylum. The ambassador has also implored the citizens not to fell prey to scams, reminding them that everyone who has already fled to Germany is going to be sent back home again.

According to the German data for May, Syria is listed in the first place with five thousand one hundred asylum requests, Albania is second, Serbia is in third place with one thousand nine hundred and ninety asylum requests, and Kosovo is in the fourth place, with one thousand nine hundred and forty seven asylum requests.

In total, there have been about 26,000 asylum requests,… twice as many as there were a year ago.

Ten thousand seven hundred and thirty two applications came from the western Balkan countries, including Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.